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Call Log is located under the Reports tab: it showcases the calls on a MightyCall account for a specified period of time.

Access to Call Log

The Call Log is currently available for all users, regardless of their role. However, the list of visible requests will differ for different team members:

Agents will only see:

  • Incoming calls addressed to them directly, received as part of a calling group and transferred by another user, both answered & unanswered;

  • Outgoing calls made by them;

  • Internal calls they participated in.

Agents have access to the call records & voicemail records they would normally see in their workspace, according to their access level (Personal, Calling Group, Call Flow).

Managers will only see:

  • All incoming calls to the business number(s) they have access to;

  • Transferred calls and direct calls to their extensions;

  • All outgoing calls from the business number(s) they have access to;

  • Internal calls they participated in;

  • Internal calls among Agents.

Managers have access to all call & voicemail records listed above.

Administrators will see all calls on the MightyCall account.

Page Layout

The Call Log page includes several columns with information, which can be added to the view or hidden by clicking on the Columns button:

  • Call start time

This is a default column, it can’t be hidden, it remains fixed in the left part of the Call Log page. You can sort the listed calls by the call start time by clicking on the arrows icon in the column header.

  • Direction

  • Result

  • Contact

  • Call owner

This is the primary agent involved in the call, whether the call was initiated or picked by them.

  • Participants

Includes the group/queue members who received the call, as well as the team members added via Add call. All listed participants are displayed with the status of the call ringing to them, accepted or missed.

  • Business number

  • Recording

You can view the call/VM recording in your workspace, copy a direct link to it or download it.

  • Note

  • Total duration

  • Call ID

  • Call end time

  • Workgroup

  • Trace ID

You can also change the line density for a more compact or extended view:

You can also click on the refresh button to refresh the list of calls, or on the CSV button to export the generated log as a CSV file.

The refresh button appears only if the selected period includes a future time period, e.g. any date preset that has not been finished yet (This Week, This Month, etc.) or Today with the Full day toggle on (so the data can be updated at any moment until the end of the day).

Available Filters

You can filter the calls displayed in the log by different parameters: Direction, Result, Business number, Employee & Workgroup. The filters can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the Filters button or on the arrow icon at the center of the tab.


You can limit the view to inbound, outbound or internal calls.


You can limit the view to calls that did or didn’t connect, or were dropped.

To view unanswered calls, select Outbound calls + Didn’t connect.

Business number

You can limit the view to certain business numbers. A trash can icon is shown for the business numbers that were deleted from the MightyCall account.


This filter is available only for Managers & Administrators.

You can limit the view to certain team members.


Managers & Administrators can limit the view to certain groups.

Agents will have the following options for this filter:

They can select the calls that rang directly to their extensions or were transferred to them, or the calls that were routed to them as part of a calling group/queue.

Time Periods

By default, the Call Log shows all calls for the past 7 days (today + 6 past days) listed chronologically, with the most recent calls at the top.

You can specify the dates & time for the listed calls as well as the timezone solely to show in the report.

Toggling on/off the Full day switch will disable/enable selecting the exact timeframe for showing logged calls.

Preset time periods include Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, This week, This month. Other available presets include Last 14 days, Last 28 days, Last 90 days and Last 180 days.

All selected columns, applied filters and time periods are saved in the local storage of the browser, so next time you load the Call Log page, it will be shown with the presets you chose, not reset to the defaults.

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