Updating Your Profile
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Your Profile includes the essential information in the system:

  1. Your userpic (if available);

  2. Your role in the MightyCall account and if you're a Supervisor;

  3. Your login (usually the same as your email);

  4. Your email (may be used as a login if you updated it);

  5. Your extension;

You can edit the information in your Profile by clicking on the pencil icon:

In the editing mode, you can:

  1. Add or update your userpic;

  2. Update your first & last names;

  3. Change your password;

  4. Update your email;

  5. Set your timezone;

  6. Change your extension (only if you're an Admin);

  7. Update or add your forwarding number(s);

  8. Add or change your emergency address.

Once you've made the changes, please click on the check icon to save the changes, or on the X icon next to it to discard them.

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