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Supervisor Workspace
Supervisor Workspace
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The Supervisor function is available on certain plans. By default, all Administrators on accounts with such plans have access to the Supervisor workspace; it can also be enabled for Managers in their profiles on the Team page:

The Supervisor workspace is built of several main blocks:

1. The button to switch between Agent/Suprevisor workspaces

2. Statistics & counters, real-time and for the past hour

3. SLA (Service Level Agreement)

4. Live call stream

Statistics & Counters

There are two types of counters: based on real-time calls and the calls for the past hour.

Real-time counters:

  • Online calls: ongoing calls

  • Waiting calls: calls that are in the queue

  • Longest waiting time: for the caller that’s waiting for the longest time in the queue

Counters per hour:

  • Missed calls: missed calls for the last hour

  • Average waiting time: average waiting time for the last hour


SLA (Service Level Agreement) shows percentage of calls for a given period of time that have been answered within the set threshold (that is the time agents must answer the incoming calls). You can limit the SLA period to the last 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

Live Call Stream

Incoming and outbound calls both among agents and clients are shown in this section in the real time. They can be filtered by group or by business number.

You can see the following information here:

  • the time when the call came in/went out;

  • the agent(s) called/calling;

  • the client's name or phone number;

  • the call type (incoming, outbound);

  • the group called;

  • the label and business number called to/from;

  • the current call duration;

  • the ways to connect to the ongoing call.

Call modes

There are four ways to connect to the call for a Supervisor:

  • Listen: the Supervisor can listen to the call and hear the participants, however, they are unaware of his presence and can't hear him/her;

  • Coach: the Supervisor can hear the call parties, but only the Agent is aware of his/her presence and can hear him/her.

  • Barge: the Supervisor joins the call, all parties can hear each other, so it becomes a regular conference call.

  • Intercept: the Supervisor intercepts the call, the Agent is disconnected from it. In this case, the Supervisor workspace becomes Agent workspace.

When the Supervisor connects to a call, the block with live call stream is minimized on the left side.

The Supervisor also sees the communication thread with the caller (1) and can even drop some notes for the Agent to see (2). The contact card for the caller is shown on the right (3). The Supervisor can switch to a different call mode (4) or hang up (5).


By default, the Supervisor's webphone displays all the team members on the account, their roles and statuses. The Supervisor can make outbound calls once they expand the webphone dialpad.

Supervisor Setup Video Guide

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