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The webphone is available on any page in MightyCall. You don't need to turn it on, it's up & running by default in the bottom right corner of your screen in MightyCall. By default, it is in a compact mode.

When expanded, you will see:

  • The business number that your outgoing calls will come from, at the bottom (can be changed);

  • Dialpad: when you start dialing a number, the system starts searching the contacts & team members, showing up the possible matches above;

  • Settings in the bottom right corner: you can click on the gear icon to

    • change your ringtone;

    • choose a mic and set it up;

    • choose an output device (like speakers or a headset).

The webphone can manage several calls simultaneously by using the Call waiting feature:

If an agent is on the call, and the Supervisor comes in as Coach or Barge, the webphone will display a sound and visual notification:

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