Agent Workspace
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The Agent Workspace is available for all MightyCall users. It has four main sections: the left panel with contacts, the central panel for communication, the right panel for the contact info and the webphone in the lower right corner.

Contacts Panel

The Contacts panel on the left includes 3 tabs:

  • Recent

  • Clients


This tab covers communications within the last 7 days. They are filtered by time and date of a message or a call. The information provided per each activity is the number called, client’s name, date, time and how the communication ended.

The active call is always at the top of the list, highlighted with a green frame. Once ended, it will end up in the activities list.

You can also turn on/off the Internal filter that lists internal calls among

your team members by time and date.


This is a contact book of your clients filtered by name. You can add new contacts manually or import your contact list in CSV/VCF formats.

To add a new contact, you must enter their first & last name as well as their phone number:

To import contacts, you can upload your contact database or use a template to create one.

A new record cannot be added without a number or the first/last name.

  • You can stop the importing process any time by pressing the Cancel button;

  • Your contact import can be fully reverted even once finished;

  • All the contacts that failed to be imported are added to a special file that covers the errors description, like

    • a contact is a duplicate;

    • a contact does not have neither the first, nor the last name;

    • a phone number is shorter than 11 or more than 15 digits;

    • an invalid email.


The Team panel shows all the team members on the account, their roles and latest events, sorted by name.

Communication Panel

Communication thread contains the history of all the activities with a business number or a  contact from the left panel.

Internal communications among agents are also available, although an agent will not see the communication other agents have with each other.

Depending on the user’s access level, some of the history content may be unavailable (message text and attachments, call recordings and transcriptions).

Incoming requests are on the left, while outbound are on the right. The most recent requests are at the bottom.

Each request covers the numbers involved in the communication, i.e. the client's number and a business number on your account. If a call went to a group, not a single extension, it will be shown accordingly. Users may leave notes to any request they can access.

You can view SMS/MMS, listen to call recordings and voicemails in the communication thread. You can also send out messages there, using the field at the bottom.

Contact Card

The contact card has the following information:

  • First & last name

  • Phone numbers

  • Email

  • Notes

It's possible to edit all the available info about a client in their contact card. Other options include making calls to the client from the contact card and sending an email to them if an email address is given.

Agent's Setup Guide

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