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Grandstream GXP2xx Configuration Guide
Grandstream GXP2xx Configuration Guide
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This article describes the configuration of most Grandstream GXP2xx series. The only difference would be the lack of some features or some extra features that don’t affect registration.

If the phone was previously used with another service provider, you may need to factory reset it before logging in.

The default credentials for this phone are:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Once logged in, go to Accounts > Account

General Settings

Account Active: yes
Account Name: can be anything
SIP Server: SIP Domain from the webpanel
Outbound Proxy: Proxy from the webpanel
SIP User ID: SIP User Name from the webpanel
Authenticate ID: SIP Authorization ID from the webpanel
Voice Mail ID: the phone’s extension number

Press Save button when done.

General Settings configuration example

Basic Settings

TEL URI: Disabled
SIP Registration: Yes
Unregister on reboot: Instance
Local SIP Port: 5060, 16060 or, for some models, 5xxx, where xxx are the last 3 digits of a phone’s extension.
SIP Transport: UDP
Register expiration: 5
Reregister before expiration: 0
Sip registration failure retry: 20
The rest should be as on the screenshot below.

Press Save button when done.

Audio Settings

Send DTMF: via RTP (RFC2833)

Preferred Vocoder – choice 1: G.729A/B if the line’s primary codec is G.729; PCMU if the line’s primary codec is G.711

Preferred Vocoder – choice 2: PCMU if the line’s secondary codec is G.711; G.729A/B if the line’s secondary codec is G.729

Press Save and Apply once configured.

After all these settings are good, the configuration is done. The phone will restart itself. Do not unplug the phone from the power while it's restarting. The phone may restart several times – do not interrupt this process.

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